The regulatory landscape governing cannabis and cannabinoids is changing rapidly, both at the federal and state level. From the de-scheduling of hemp, to FDA’s reconsideration of its policies regarding cannabidiol (CBD) in food and dietary supplements, to the legalization of recreational marijuana in many states, the old regulatory framework is giving way to a new reality. This presents exciting new opportunities for companies seeking to develop products in this space – but also significant risks.

Scott Lassman has experience working with companies seeking to develop drugs, dietary supplements, food and cosmetics containing ingredients derived from cannabis.

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Scott Lassman

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Scott Lassman has nearly 30 years’ experience in FDA law and policy, both as an in-house attorney and in private practice. He provides strategic advice and advocacy to small, mid-size and large pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, as well as the trade associations that represent them and the investors who fund them. His practice covers all aspects of FDA regulatory law, with a special focus on exclusivity, biosimilars, product approval and policy matters...

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